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Joe Polish Community Polish San Francisco area news and events
Karen HealthCentral A very good health information site.
David Earth and Moon Viewer All sorts of views of the moon and earth. If you click Display 'Map' then click update, you get where the earth is presently in sunlight and which part is 'in the darkside'.
David World Weather Gives present and forecast of weather of any place in the world. Provides a weather map as well. Oh Oh, looks like rain in Melbourne! We need it!
David World Time So you can tell if it's OK to call me.
Tammy Molecular Photo Gallery A very interesting photo gallery of images produced from microscopes. Neat to look at but can also be used for screensavers and background pictures.
Karen Polish Recipes Some great Polish recipes including one that could be Mom's bread!
Tom More Food Recipes Click on the bottom link for another pierogie recipe.
Tom Mount St. Helens VolcanoCam A required site if you live next to Mount St Helens!
Tammy Old Town Pizza Another official Olkowski business website! This one is for Tammy and Reese's pizza places.
Tom The Healthy Refrigerator A site about healthy food. Where was this site 40 years ago when I was clogging my arteries!