MaryAnn & Harry Ruhstorfer


Born: August 19, 1920

Parents: Joseph and MaryAnn Olkowski - Both born in different cities in Poland. Met and married in Detroit, Michigan

Older sister: Lottie Phillips. Born January 20 1919, Died March 7, 2006

Younger brother: Joseph Olkowski Jr. Born August 28, 1927, Died November 19, 2000

Graduated from St Ladislaus High School June, 1938

Married Harry Ruhstorfer November 18, 1940 - Married over 60 years until Harry's death on March 19, 2006

Four children:

Barbara - Born November 23,1941

Diane - Born/died January 1946

Larry - Born/died September 1948

Philip - Born/died January 1956

Son-in-law: David Van Winkle

Two grandsons: John Jr & James Kitchen

Graddaughter-in-law: Sheila Kitchen

Secretary to Dean of Monteith College at Wayne State University, 1961 - 1980

Lived independent - enjoyed Bible study at St Michaels, Tai Chi at Senior Center, dinner with friends, and driving her car

MaryAnn maintained her relationships. Most notably, Adele Longhway, her friend from grade school until her death. Seventy plus years.

She also maintained contact with her cousins in Poland. Although she never met them, they would converse via the phone on a regular basis enabling her to keep her Polish "polished".



Born: 26 January, 1915


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